George Poveromo Talks About ACR Artex


ACR ARTEX -  ACR is the leading name in Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) and safety signaling technology; and ACR was the very first EPIRB I convinced my dad to purchase for the family boat, well before I became part of the marine/sport fishing industry. Since then, I’ve used nothing but ACR EPIRBS.  When activated, an EPIRB sends a boat’s current GPS position to a satellite, which ultimately relays it to search and rescue forces.  In a heavily populated area, a rescue can be made within two hours, approximately.
People associate using an EPIRB when a boat sinks or capsizes in rough seas. However, an electrical fire can also force abandonment of a vessel – even in calm seas; and this is yet another example of where an EPIRB can save lives.  In addition, it’s sound advice for all on board to also carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). This could very well save a life if someone falls overboard and is not noticed, especially when fishing at night.
An EPIRB and PLB are must have items, regardless if you fish well offshore or deep in the back country.  It’s essential equipment that you hope you never have an opportunity to use!