George Poveromo Talks About Mako
       My roots with Mako run deep, well before I entered the marine industry.  In fact, I was 19 years old when my father purchased our first one in 1977, a Mako 23.  The reason we selected Mako then was its reputation as a serious center console fishing boat, quality construction and – confirmed when we sold that boat two years later – high resale value.

       In fact, we were so pleased with that 23, we upgraded to the new Mako 25 in 1979; And every boat since has always been a Mako - that’s over 34 years experience as a satisfied Mako owner!  Fast forward to 2011. With my national television series into its 11th year, I have had two major name boat companies try to sway me from Mako.  With regard to my television sponsorship, both had offered way over and above my deal with Mako to get me to switch.  I did not, for two main reasons.  First, I’m very loyal.  Mako signed on to sponsor my television show, before we actually went on the air.  They basically bought a pig in a poke, and had no idea of knowing whether the show would flop or succeed.  Of course, after the show became a hit, other boat companies wanted to be part of it.  Mako took the gamble with me, and they deserve to reap the benefits.

     The other main reason I remain with Mako is the fact that I have fished their boats well offshore and throughout the Bahamas for decades.  Never once did I have to worry about, or have a problem with, any of their hulls; I have never not taken my boat to a far off destination because I felt it was incapable or inadequate. I’m  extremely comfortable and confident in my 284, whether I’m spending time with my teen daughter on the reefs, or running 200 miles deep into the Bahamas. In fact, those boats have gotten me through – and, I’m sure, will continue to get me through - some pretty nasty seas.  They are sea worthy, durable and safe - and fish like a dream. And, like that very first Mako we owned, their boats still command high resale values. 

       So, in short, Mako boats continue to take me everywhere I want to fish - in style, comfort and quality. For me, there is no other boat.  And I think my 34 year history with the company says it all!