George Poveromo Talks About Mercury

         When it comes to powering my Makos, Mercury Verado is my outboard of choice.  Their supercharged, four-stroke, Verados – I’ve a pair of 300hp outboards on my Mako 284 – provide the quietness, smoothness, fuel-efficiency and dependability one would expect from a Merc four-stroke, whereas their “supercharging” technology provides hole-shots, power and torque similar to a two-stroke outboard.  They are, unquestionably, state-of-the-art outboards.

          The supercharging comes into play, for example, when my boat is fully-loaded; I can jump up on plane quickly, and unleash an instantaneous surge of power when I need to race up to the backside of a wave, or stay ahead of one, when navigating rough seas or a nasty inlet.  And talk about peace of mind in these conditions, knowing the reliability of the Verados!  What’s more, when sea conditions permit and I need to get to or from a spot in fast order, I have excellent top end performance.  This is due, in part, to a pair of Mercury Mirage 21-pitch props, which wind the outboards up to 6,000 rpms and deliver a 52 miles-per-hour top end speed.  Best of all, when I cruise at 4,200 rpms (the “sweet spot”), the outboards are miserly on fuel.

       Their “quietness” is readily noticeable when we’re up and running - as all on board can have a conversation without shouting or straining to hear.  And their “smoothness” is particularly evident when we’re trolling, and the outboards are quietly “humming” along without so much as a hiccup.

      Tie all this in with Mercury’s power steering and SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system - which makes steering effortless and shifting and throttling up or back smooth and virtually instantaneous - and my Mako performs and handles like a sports car.  It’s a joy and thrill to operate!

       For bay- and skinny-water boats, Merc has four-cylinder, four-stroke Verados in 150-, 175- and 200-hp models.  In fact, my Shallow-Water MARC – a Mako 2201 bay boat, is powered by a four-cylinder Verado 200 hp outboard.  These outboards bring all the Verado features to bay- and skinny-water boats, but in a lighter package that’s conducive to their designs and applications.