George Poveromo Talks About King Sailfish Mounts

        A major contribution to marine conservation has been the release mount concept.  Through a long and often tedious education process, the fact that it is not necessary to kill a fish to have it mounted has finally been embraced by the greater angling public.  Credit King Sailfish Mounts founder Raymond Douglas with pioneering and promoting the release mount concept.

        Today, all an angler has to do to obtain a mount of a special catch is to measure the fish’s overall length at boat side, and then set it free.  From there, King Sailfish Mounts will pull a fiberglass mold of that species - and in the same length, and then have one of their skilled artists, under the direction of Raymond Douglas, duplicate the fish’s vivid, lifelike hues and coloration.  What’s more, their artists can even duplicate the exacting details provided by any pictures of the released fish.  King specializes in all species of saltwater- and even most freshwater- game fish.

       King Sailfish Mounts is where I go to have my special catches duplicated.  I patronize them not only for their dedication to marine conservation, but also for their lifelike details and finishes.  They are unquestionably the very best in the business.