George Poveromo Talks About Rapala

       Through this diverse family of hard- and soft-plastic baits, I’ve my bases fully-covered - inshore and offshore.  Rapala is the undisputed leader in hard baits, known world-wide for their quality, designs, life-like finishes and, most importantly, performance.  They simply excel at fooling fish.  In fact, Rapala holds more world records than any other lure in the world!

       Being particularly fond of fishing top water baits when I’m inshore, I ‘m a big fan of the Rapala Skitter Walk – a walk-the-dog-style lure. I’ve taken snook, seatrout, striped bass, redfish, tarpon, Spanish mackerel and even yellowfin tuna on this lure. I’ve lost count of the number of fish the CD (count down) models have produced for me over the years, such as snook, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, striped bass, bluefish and tarpon. More recently, we’ve been doing a number on fish with the Rattlin’ Rapala hard baits.

        Williamson is Rapala’s offshore lure company.  Williamson has been around for decades, becoming one of the most domineering offshore lure companies in the world.  They make everything from small tuna features to marlin lures, including a line of realistic soft-bodied trolling baits (Saltwater Live Series) the likes of Spanish mackerel, mackerel, bonito, little tunny, mullet, split-tail mullet, bluefish, bunker, ballyhoo, ribbonfish and squid.  I’m particularly fond of their Dorado and Sailfish Catcher trolling lures, especially when paired with a small- to medium-ballyhoo.

      Williamson also has a potent line of flutter-style jigs.  I use the Gyro for casting to mackerel and tuna, and the Abyss and Benthos for probing the water column and also along the bottom.

      Trigger-X soft baits are enhanced with Ultrabite Pheromones, and come in crabs, shrimp and minnows. They’re good when fished in conjunction with a popping cork for species like seatrout, freelining for tarpon and snook, or for tipping a jig and bottom bouncing for fluke, snapper and grouper.