George Poveromo Talks About Columbia Sportswear

       Quality, and a huge commitment to outfitting saltwater anglers with well-designed, functional, and comfortable sun-protective clothing, is what brought me to Columbia some 14 years ago.  I’ve been a huge fan of their clothing, especially their new Blood ‘N Guts long sleeve shirts and Blood ‘N Guts shorts and convertible pants. What’s neat about the Blood ‘N Guts line is that it utilizes a special fabric treatment that repels blood, motor oil, and other fluids and grime. 

       So, when I’m bailing dolphin, or landing a tuna or other fish that happens to spew blood on my clothing, I simply take either the boat’s freshwater or saltwater wash down hose – or even a wet towel – and rinse the blood and grim right off the clothes.  I’ll take a wet rag to any heavy, stubborn residue. That’s all there is to it.  The clothes dry right out and look as good as new!  And if any residue penetrates the fabric, it will come out in the wash.  The clothing is cool and comfortable to wear, with the shirts having functional vents to circulate the lightest breeze. And when the boat is underway, it feels like air-conditioning!  
        Columbia has a wide line up of fishing wear, ranging from foul weather gear and shoes, to shirts, shorts, pants, hats and sun-protective gloves.  They even recently came out with my own signature white visor!