George Poveromo Talks About Engel

       Engel’s Deep Blue Ice Chests are performance-style coolers, designed to hold ice and cold for several days.  The Deep Blue coolers feature 2” polyurethane insulation and seamless polyethylene construction, air tight freezer gasket lids, easy-open drain plugs, non-skid lids with dual corner locking holes, molded hand grips, rope handles and large non-skid feet designed to keep the coolers from sliding. They come in six sizes ranging from 35- quarts to 320- quarts.

       One may question the worth of such an expensive cooler.  Well, if you spend any time fishing a few days straight, you know what a hassle it is to re-ice the coolers each evening or morning, along with finding a store in the evening - or one which opens early in the morning - to buy that ice.  For me, the pain is compounded even more in the Bahamas, where we’ll stay anywhere between three days to a week.  Ice in the islands is like gold, and costs almost as much!  My Engel coolers, which we ice down back home prior to leaving, keep that ice and cold for several days.  This eliminates any daily “icing”, like I had to do with my old standard coolers.  Every other day, I simply drain some water from the Engel coolers and add a touch of ice, if needed.  When you consider all the bags of ice we would have had to buy over our fishing season without the Engel coolers, you quickly realize just how big an asset they really are.  What’s more, unlike standard-run coolers, they’re tough and durable and built to last a long time.

       Engel now carries bait trays.  All pre-rigged baits can now be organized and stacked on these trays, and kept cool within their ice chests.