George Poveromo Talks About Lee's Tackle

       A fourth-generation, family-owned business, Lee’s Tackle is an institution.  Based in Miami seemingly forever and now having moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, Lee’s is known world-wide for manufacturing the highest-quality, precision fishing accessories and components - such as outriggers, rod holders and fighting chairs. My MARC VI utilizes Lee Sidewinder outriggers (bolt on model) and center rigger, and a total of 16 gunwale-based rod holders (14 Flush Mounts and two Swivel Rod Holders).
Where this equipment proves its worth – outside of the obvious fishing support , is with its durability.  Remember, my outriggers and center ‘rigger are on the T-top of my 28-foot, twin outboard-powered center console.  I do primarily offshore fishing, including several Bahamas trips each season.  These outriggers continue to endure the fast runs to and from the fishing grounds, the rock-and-rolling when we’re live baiting in rough seas, and – of course – those often-times rough, Bahamas crossings.  At the end of the day, there are no missing nuts or bolts or loose or damaged components.  They’re rock solid.  What’s more, their rod holders won’t “peel” or discolor, and their base pins won’t bend, break or fall out.  My Lee outriggers and rod holders also enhance the resale value of my boats.